Exchange an unsuitable gift

We know all too well that sometimes we miss the mark when it comes to choosing a gift. That's why you can exchange all products over 20€ for any other product of the same or higher value (with your surcharge) free of charge until 31.01.2024. 


Frequently asked questions


How do I exchange an unsuitable gift?

- To fulfil this service, you need to have the exchange of unsuitable gift ticked in the basket at the order summary. You can exchange any product purchased between 20.11.2023 and 23.12.2023 with a price over 20€. 


Who can return an unsuitable gift?

- This offer applies to all customers who meet the conditions of this service.

You have two options:

a.) within the legal withdrawal period of 14 days from the delivery of the goods

b.) under this service, where the goods must be returned after the 14-day statutory withdrawal period has expired, the goods must be delivered no later than 31 January 2024 in their original packaging, including all parts and accessories, undamaged, unused.


How should I proceed? 

- You can purchase goods of equal or greater value (with your additional payment, including shipping costs) for goods that meet the conditions.

- You will create a new order by entering the note "use the unsuitable gift exchange service" and the original order number.


When do these conditions not apply?

- In the event of a statutory 14-day cancellation of the contract of sale.

- Where the conditions for their use are not met, i.e. the goods are damaged, the goods are incomplete, used, etc.

- In case you do not click on the Unsuitable gift exchange service in the basket at the order summary.

- If you purchase a product for less than 20€.


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